Michael and Rachel’s guide to staying REALLY organized

You wish you had Michael and Rachel organizing your life.

Michael and Rachel
The organizers themselves, Michael and Rachel, in their new home

I congratulate my brother and his girlfriend for recently purchasing their first home; but what I’m even more impressed with is how they have figured out a way to keep it clean.

Walk into their kitchen and you’ll find some organizing gems on their refrigerator door.

Michael and Rachel's cleaning schedule
Michael and Rachel claim that you can keep your house clean in 20 minutes per day using this sample schedule, inspired by this website.

But wait! There’s an unsolved mystery! How do you know when food in your freezer needs to be thrown out?

If you get as excited about the science of food as Michael and Rachel are, it’s as easy as a spreadsheet.

Everything in Michael and Rachel's freezer, organized by date put in freezer and date it needs to be thrown away

Well, Michael and Rachel, I’m impressed, but, of course, not surprised. Good luck with keeping your new home clean and organized and free of freezer burn; and if you can’t eat your chocolate bundt cakes by October 2013, I’d be happy to help out.


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