Our version of hell: 20 minutes without Gchat

For a short while on Monday, the world stood still.

Gchat was down, and though some people expect the world to end later this month, it was a mini doomsday for many of us Gchatters.

It’s a good thing we have other forms of social media, so that we can use the other platforms to talk about the broken ones — when Gchat started acting up, I immediately went to Twitter to find out what was happening. Ten more minutes of the problem and I might have created an account on MySpace.

Some of my favorite comments from Twitter (these are real Tweets!):

If Facebook and Gchat don’t work at the same time, is that the social media equivalent of going off the fiscal cliff?

In the next “Independence Day”-type movie, the aliens start the invasion by taking out Gchat, Facebook and Twitter. No one survives.

Since Gchat is down, does that mean the Google community migrated to Facebook chat? Or are people just being more productive?

Alright gchat. you made your point. we’re hopelessly dependent on you. you can come back home from your mother’s house now.

A work day without gchat is a work day I never care to live through again.

Gmail and Gchat are down. I thought the world was supposed to end on Dec 21?

As the Gmail-dependent world has GChat withdrawal, I would like to imagine someone still holding on to an AIM account is laughing at us.

Gchat is down. Looks like I have to start having my debate about what to get for lunch out loud in my office.

Those 20 minutes of no Gchat seemed like an eternity, but luckily, the problem was eventually resolved. Want to talk more about how this problem adversely affected your week? Gchat me.


2 thoughts on “Our version of hell: 20 minutes without Gchat

  1. Funny, I didn’t know it went down (I was clearly having an above-average level or productivity at work), but in an odd coincidence it occurred to me 2 days ago that all the Gmail, Google Drive, and other information I depend on is all stored on Google servers that actually exist. That is, what if a hurricane or flood destroyed them all?

    Maybe that’s what will happen on December 21. God forbid.

  2. Benj – you’re right, if something destroyed the Google server, I’d be without a calendar, contacts, e-mails, documents, and occasional fun doodles that remind me of the birthdays of guys who invented the zipper or the popsicle. It would be chaos!!!

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