The Lunch Rule

It’s about time I shared with all of you one of Lia’s Rules for Living: The Lunch Rule.

If you’re anything like me, you probably often find yourselves at a store, agonizing about whether or not to purchase an item. Do I really need this sapphire sparkly scarf? Will I actually wear this beaded bracelet? Is now the right time to buy these Wicked Witch of the East red and white striped tights?

You can agonize all you want, but my Lunch Rule has a partial solution for you.

Would you spend more than the cost of that plaid cell phone case on lunch? If the answer is yes, then quit worrying and just buy the item.

That magazine looks like fun, but is it worth the $4.99? Yes. You would definitely spend more than that on lunch, and you get to keep the magazine — when you eat lunch, after it’s eaten, you don’t have it anymore.

$8 for a pair of house slippers? Do it. $10 for a Snuggie? Yep. $13 for a flower headband? You’ll be happy you did.

But once your desired item gets closer to the upper teens, you have to ask yourself: Would I really spend $19 on lunch? Is this item really something I need? For me personally, I probably wouldn’t spend more than $19 on lunch; and if I did, it better come with pancakes, eggs, toast, an apple, and a cinnamon roll. So for this item, you need to really think.

For anything less than that — pick your lunch threshold (mine’s probably $16), and for anything less than that number, don’t sweat it. Just enjoy it.

And if there is something for $19 that you’re just desperate to have — well, you can go for it anyway, but maybe consider making oatmeal for lunch.


One thought on “The Lunch Rule

  1. The equivalent was my brother’s rule…will this money matter in ten years? I like the lunch rule…depending on how often you eat “lunch” each week!

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