My right to choose…the temperature of my hand-washing water

There are so few things that we have the ability to choose in life. We don’t have much control over the people around us, the things that happen to us, or even the weather. We are dealt a deck of cards in life and we just have to make the best of it.

So, world, this I beg of you: Please just let me maintain control of my water pressure and temperature and volume of soap when I wash my hands in public restrooms.

Automatic sinks have become more and more popular, it seems. They seem so convenient and sanitary — you don’t even have to lift your hand to touch the faucet. Think of all the potential germs you’re avoiding! Think of how many joules of energy you’re saving by not having to lift your hand those extra two inches to the top of the faucet.

But these automatic faucets NEVER work. Seriously, I dare you, dear readers, to tell me that you’ve been even 70% successful in getting the water to come out when you want it, and have the soap successfully emerge from that same sink. It almost never happens. So instead, you’re stuck running your hands through all of the sinks, and underneath all of the soap dispensers, creating a sort of delayed waterfall.

And the soap-to-water ratio is always off. If you’re going to give me that huge handful of soap, at least let the water run for a few more seconds to allow me to fully wash off all of the soap. I’m not Superwoman.

Therefore, as public buildings become more and more high-tech, I encourage building managers to stick with what works. Allow me to keep this one small freedom so I can just wash my hands in dignity.

Just don’t get me started on automatic hand dryers.


What do you think?

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