26-year-old female seeking car-smart companion


Petite, dark-haired female who is 26 but looks like she’s 14 is seeking a companion who is knowledgeable about cars to accompany her whenever she goes in for oil changes, body work, or engine work on her 2004 Honda Accord. Ideal candidates would possess vast knowledge on cars and would be willing to share this skill for free, or maybe in exchange for baked goods. Must know the difference between a catalytic converter and a rotator cuff

I am so lucky to have friends and family members who are doctors, dentists, graphic designers, software developers, teachers, accountants, public health professionals, and marketing gurus, all of whom are usually willing to give me free advice in their fields. It’s great, especially when I break my metatarsal, need help choosing a font, or need someone to do my taxes.

But when it comes to cars, I guess I’ve been hanging out in the wrong circles.

Last week, when my car sounded much like an old man trying to return soup at a deli, I brought my car to the dealership and asked them to be in touch with my dad when they reached a diagnosis. But my dad, who is wonderful and will spend hours helping me with whatever I need, admitted that even he has little to offer when it comes to knowing whether or not my oil tray actually needs replacing, and if $400 is reasonable for it. So I blindly paid the large sum of money for the minor repairs and my 107,000-mile car and I were on our way.

So here’s what I’m looking for. I need you, my car-smart friend, to join me on my car-repairing expeditions, including oil changes (should I get the high-mileage oil or not? rotate my tires? I don’t know!). I need you to look and sound like you know what you’re doing so the dealerships and Jiffy Lubes don’t push me into buying something I don’t need. And I need you to be able to explain to me what the issue was, but not in too much detail — I think you already know how interested in cars I really am.

In exchange, I will share some of my skills with you, in a barter system. Aside from my baked goods (you know you want some monkey bread!), I’d be happy to barter my expert skills in one of the following arenas (your choice!):

  • How to get people to join your synagogue
  • Basic demos of Constant Contact, WordPress, InDesign, or Google Docs
  • How to set up and maintain a blog
  • How to explain to your friends and family members WHY you should have a blog
  • A list of my top 20 favorite fonts
  • The art of multitasking: How to bake, exercise, and do laundry at the same time
  • How to French braid hair
  • Or I could just buy you lunch

Applications are being accepted immediately.  Inquire within for details. Driving test may be required. Essay question (300 words or fewer): Why did my “maintenance required” light begin flashing the day after I got an oil change?


What do you think?

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