Thanks, Walgreens!

Last week, I had a bit of a cold (but I’m better now!). So when I walked into Walgreens to buy honey, Claritin, and tissues, I was impressed that the store was one step ahead of me. I barely crossed the threshold of the store when I saw this display:


I didn’t buy the Barbie coloring book, but I can’t say I didn’t consider it.

But I certainly felt that the store understood my needs — and, unfortunately, the needs of countless other sick customers. It made me think: If I were to instruct drug stores and grocery stores to make more of these kiosks to fill my needs, what might I tell them?

The “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Kiosk

It’s winter, I’m freezing, and I’d like to buy the following items: Fuzzy socks, hand warmers, scented candles, those little hand warmer things that have the beans that heat up that you use at football games, an electric blanket so I can pretend I have heated seats in my car, long underwear, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a DVD of a fireplace. Pop the DVD into the TV set up near the kiosk and you’ve already caught my eye.

The “I Know It’s Saturday Night But I Just Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything For Dinner” Kiosk

Many grocery stores already have ready-made meals to go. But it would be nice if I could also grab a box of Easy Mac, a can of Amy’s minestrone soup, and a tube of cookie dough. Throw in a Snuggie and a copy of “Sleepless in Seattle.” This kiosk near the door will save me precious minutes of potential embarrassment.

The “I’m Going to Florida, Suckers!” Kiosk

The winter kiosk was lovely, but, sorry, kiddos, I’m heading off to Florida. Or if I wasn’t already planning a trip, I might start browsing through Expedia after I saw a kiosk with: Pink beach towels, Dora the Explorer flip flops, sunscreen, aloe vera, retro sunglasses, and oranges. If the store wanted to do really well, they could even throw in some “Greetings from the Sunshine State!” postcards and encourage people to take fake vacations/staycations — sell me a poster with a beach background and nobody will know the difference.

To all you merchandising managers for Walgreens, CVS, and Target, I’m ready with lots of ideas for your display cases and end-caps.


What do you think?

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