My new favorite kitchen gadget: A jar opener I got for free in the mail

Several times a year, I get an unexpected package at work. I don’t remember ordering anything…so what could it be? I open the package and see that it’s three catalogs from a company from which I ordered one product more than a year ago.

Usually, the catalogs annoy me. Why would you get me all excited over a booklet of more promotional products I don’t need? But sometimes, the packages include a little gift, like a water bottle or canvas bag with the company’s name on it. And — honestly — I love it. I use my promotional company’s water bottle every time I go to the gym and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

But there was one product they sent me that is something I didn’t know how I had lived without.

A jar opener.

If you Google Image search “jar opener,” you’ll find many pictures of fancy metal or plastic contraptions that probably don’t even work. This guy is different. It’s a small, flat, circular piece of rubber that you can use to assist in jar opening. The tight rubbery grip opens any kind of jar with little or no effort.

jar opener
Small, flat, and easily stored
jar opener
This will save my palm so much pain
jar opener
Got milk!

If I may, I will go as far as saying that this promotional company’s jar opener has changed my life. No longer do I have sore palm from opening my half gallon of milk; no longer do I struggle with the jar of pesto sauce; and no longer do I look like someone who needs to spend a bit more time weight-lifting (though that part is probably true).

Someday, we will all have these amazing inventions in our drawers. But for now, if you need help opening your pickle jar, just come on over.


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