Advice from my closet

It’s taken me more than two decades, but I think I’ve finally gotten my clothes closet down to a science. It has changed my life and I hope it will change yours, too.

This method has basically solved one of my biggest fears, which is wearing an outfit too close to the last time I wore it.

This is my closet…

Left side:


Right side:


It is divided into the following sections, from left to right:

Shorts – jeans – nice pants – skirts – dresses – sweaters/long-sleeved tops – sleeveless tops – short-sleeved tops

Once I wear or wash an item, I hang it on the right side of its section. That way, by definition, the clothes on the left side of each section are clothes that I have not worn in a while.

It sounds simple, but it took me until about two years ago to devise this system. And I’ve never looked back.

The only losers in this system are the less-desirable clothes that never get worn and are constantly on the left side. To those articles of clothing who are constantly left out — I apologize, and I guess I’ll try to wear you on a day I don’t plan on running into anyone I know.


What do you think?

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