Seven “Taste portion” blog posts for the price of one

Taste of ChicagoI had a great time on Sunday at the Taste of Chicago — one of my favorite festivals. A friend and I enjoyed eating “Taste portion” foods — smaller, bite-sized, cheaper versions of foods like spinach deep dish pizza, potato pierogies, watermelon Italian ice, and chocolate crepes.

In the spirit of the Taste of Chicago, I now offer you seven “Taste portion” blog posts.

  1. They call it “fun-sized candy”; but is there anything truly fun about getting less chocolate?
  2. A few years ago, I called a certain party discount store and got their voicemail, which was recorded by a person with a sad, somber tone of voice. Shouldn’t they have put a little more effort into adding fun music, “boing” sounds, and other party music? Makes me wonder what I would hear if I got a funeral home’s voicemail.
  3. At a recent hotel stay, I found an ambient noise channel on the TV. Are people so accustomed to the sound of a peaceful flute to the backdrop of a sunset in the mountains in Bali that they have to hear it in their Pittsburgh hotel room?
  4. Get ready to have your mind blown: The voice of Aladdin is the same actor as Steve (DJ’s boyfriend) from Full House.
  5. There is a town in Florida called Winter Haven. What could we re-name Chicago? Maybe “Winter Hell”? Or “Autumn is Nice, But You Should Probably Move to San Diego For the Rest of the Year”?
  6. I’m a big fan of chocolate milk “juice boxes,” but why isn’t the straw that comes with the box long enough to access the last quarter of the chocolate milk? I feel like I should get part of my money back for the remainder of the milk that’s trapped in the box, never to be reached by the too-short straw.
  7. Am I the only person in this world who prefers Red Delicious apples? Everybody I know seems to obsess over Honey Crisp apples or Golden Delicious apples, but to me, there’s nothing like the sweet, crunchy goodness from that apple named for its deliciousness.

Hope you enjoyed your “Taste portions” — maybe next time we’ll splurge on the full portion.


One thought on “Seven “Taste portion” blog posts for the price of one

  1. You may be genetically related to other people with a historical preference for Red Delicious, though you’d think Jonathan apples would be my fave. Due to inconsistency in Red Delicious apples of late, I have converted to Gala, at the suggestion of your mom.

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