Mac and cheese bites of heaven

Mac and Cheese wedges
Mac and Cheese wedges I enjoyed at Rocks in Lakeview

As a somewhat picky eater, it is rare that I have the opportunity to introduce people to new foods. But if you have not yet tried mac and cheese wedges, you have not yet truly lived.

These bites of heaven go by many names — I’ve had mac and cheese wedges, mac and cheese bites, fried macaroni and cheese, and battered mac and cheese. Imagine a chicken nugget — a perfectly round or triangular chicken nugget — but instead of chicken inside, it’s mac and cheese. It tastes like your childhood collided with your adulthood and created this happy accident.

I was first introduced to these creations at Philly’s Best while in college; I loved them and then quickly forgot about them, like so many things in college. I then became reacquainted a few months ago when I had them at the Salt & Pepper Diner near Wrigley Field. I’ve also found them at the Cheesecake Factory and Cheesie’s. And then this past weekend I was ecstatic to learn that Rocks, a bar/restaurant one block from my new apartment, carries the fantastic treats as well.

So … I hope this post will change your life as much as mine has been changed by these happiness-inducing bites. Go out into the world, my friends, and take a bite out of mac and cheese.


2 thoughts on “Mac and cheese bites of heaven

  1. The best part about the mac and cheese wedges at Rocks is that amazing BBQ sauce they serve with it for dipping. At first I thought it was really strange to pair BBQ sauce with my mac but I now can’t imagine it any other way! If you shop at Trader Joe’s they have mac and cheese balls in the frozen prepared section that are a cheap way to satisfy the craving!

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