Pet Peeve #2124: “I’m going to keep this short.”

I’m going to try to keep this blog entry short. 

Because don’t you hate it when people write really long posts? You don’t have time to read the whole thing. You’re busy. You have things in your life that are important. You have work, and friend dates, and cooking, and laundry. Who has time to read a long post? And then when it’s long, you get frustrated, so you keep thinking about how you wish it were shorter. And then you begin to lose interest. Because there are so many other things in the world that are demanding your attention. And this blog post isn’t one of them.

So I will try to keep this short.

It’s annoying in a blog post — and it’s annoying in speeches.

This may be in my list of Top 20 Pet Peeves (and one day I’ll outline them all for you). If you’re trying to keep a speech short, just do it. No need to tell us about it. No need to start off your speech with the intended length of it, while unintentionally going over that desired length.

If you want to make a long speech, that’s fine! Just keep it interesting. But if you want to make a short speech — no need to waste precious minutes explaining that to us.

225 words. Not bad, right?


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