Something’s fishy around here.

FishThat fish is too fishy.

That chocolate is too chocolaty.

That soup is too soupy.

When did these adjectives become insults?

Wouldn’t you think that calling a food by the adjectival form of its name would be a compliment? Or at least a neutral? Like “that bread is bread” or “look at how milk the milk is.” Duh.

If I were fish and my name was being thrown around as an insult, I’d be pretty upset.

Several people close to me are trying to convince me — the Picky Eater — to eat fish. “Try halibut,” my mom says. “It’s not very fishy.”

I’m sure I’d love fish if it wasn’t fishy. Maybe I’d like it even more if it were chocolaty. But I’d hate to hurt the fish’s feelings.


What do you think?

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