I have a healthy obsession with Fitbit

The time has come for me to tell all of you, dear readers, about my new “healthy” obsession: My Fitbit.

In mid-November, I decided to invest in my health in the form of a Fitbit, which is basically a super pedometer. I use it to measure my steps, calories, sleep, and more through a small device that I clip on my waistband.

I’m not usually in favor of each product creating its own social network — nobody needs Tide to create a new social network so that friends can encourage each other to do laundry … or do they? — but possibly my favorite aspect of the Fitbit is its social nature. I have a growing number of friends who also have a Fitbit, and I can view how many steps they’ve taken each day and *gently* encourage them to get moving.

The point of the device is to show people how few steps they really take each day and encourage people to move around. So instead of calling your coworker down the hall with a question, go visit her. Get up to get a drink of water frequently. The steps add up and get you closer to your goal of at least 10,000 steps per day.

In my life B.F. — Before Fitbit — I would get upset if I got the last parking space at the mall or if I had to take out the garbage. Now, it just means more steps for me. It puts me closer to the magic number of 10,000, and it puts me closer to getting more steps than Rachel (I can’t let her win!).

I’m usually the last person in the world to talk about being healthy, but with more and more articles coming out like this one about the dangers of sitting at work all day, I am not only on the Fitbit bandwagon, but I may even become president of the Fitbit fan club.

This device has encouraged me to exercise more, make better food choices, organize a lunchtime walking club at work, go to a personal trainer, buy free weights, and complain less about having to walk places. Not bad for $100.

So next time you see me, you’ll know the reason I am pacing around the room or walking in place — and I hope you’ll join me in having fun while being a bit healthier.


One thought on “I have a healthy obsession with Fitbit

  1. Does this mean my year of annoying comments about taking the elevator instead of the stairs are over? I’ve gotten lazier, so now you can push me to take the stairs with you!

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