My own look back

Yesterday, as Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary, each Facebook user was gifted a video of their early and current photos, most liked photos, and biggest moments.

As I watched my video (of seemingly random photos) and some of my friends’ videos, I was in the mood to reminisce. So let’s take a look back at my first blog post, written almost 10 years ago, back when people blogged on the site “Livejournal.”

Aug. 9, 2004

So I decided to pretend to be cool and start one of these live journals. What do you write in these anyway?

It’s been a whole week since I got back from Israel. YEAH group 4. I really miss that whole thing. Poland really sucked though. But Israel–achla, chaval al hazman. Such a small country, such a small group of people…had such a big impact on me.

If you think you’re going to a good college, just talk to Dan Macsai, he’ll straighten you out. Because for sure, unless you’re going to schools 1-11, Northwestern is better ranked than your school.

My rabbi told me tonight that I should start thinking about rabbinical school. Ummmm….


There’s enough here to keep a news editing class busy for weeks.

I hope that I’ve (hopefully) come a long way in my blogs over the years; I see how silly it was for me to use inside jokes in this piece; I noticed how these piece seems to have no coherency; I questioned what ever happened to considering rabbinical school; and I wondered why if I wanted to pretend to be cool I’d start a blog and not do something like hang out at the mall.

Here’s to another 10 years of blogging?


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