Happy 177th birthday, Chicago!

The city of Chicago turned 177 yesterday (though it doesn’t look a day older than 29!). To celebrate this special day, I present this list of items that I would like to buy Chicago in honor of its birthday.

chicagoLia’s birthday gifts for Chicago:

  • Dozens of blog entries about its beauty
  • Describing Chicago as “God’s gift to the world” to everyone I meet
  • Regular donations in Chicago’s name to charity–er, parking meters
  • An apartment that displays six framed pictures of Chicago in various capacities, including this picture to the right
  • Yearly pilgrimages to Mecca (aka the Chicago History Museum)

Now, I don’t recall Chicago getting ME any gifts for my birthday. There’s always next year (as we are used to saying in Chicago) — so, city that I love, here’s what YOU can get ME this coming October.

Chicago’s birthday gifts for Lia:

  • Reserved parking spots in every neighborhood
  • A deep dish pizza made up of one slice from each of the top eight Chicago pizza restaurants
  • A handshake with Mayor Emanuel (if you don’t get it, you’re not from Chicago)
  • Filling at least half of the millions of pot holes

Happy birthday, dear friend.


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