In my line of work — a communications director for a synagogue — many people e-mail me photos they took on their cell phones.

When I take a photo from my Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (which is now up for an upgrade … any recommendations?), it is automatically given a unique file name, like 2014-04-13 14.26.01.jpg. It’s easy to be organized in chronological order (the file name begins with the take the photo was taken) and it’s unique.

When I receive a photo taken from an iPhone, it has the following file name:


And it’s not like it’s just on one person’s phone. Every person who e-mails me a photo from their iPhone is a slave to this horrible file name. And if they send me more than one photo, they are then named photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, and photo3.jpg. If they send me a second batch of photos, it goes back to photo1.jpg. This means that when I save these photos into a folder on my computer, my computer would like to know if I meant to replace the photo that already exists under that file name.

Who invented this system? Why aren’t people revolting in the streets? Am I the only person who is bothered by this?

If a Galaxy phone could have a child, it would provide this child with a name that is unique and special. The phone might even Google a potential name and see that there are several other Rachel Beth Cohens in the world, and so it might be better off naming her Kassanddrah Maahtildah Cohen. One of a kind!

If an iPhone could have a child, can you guess what it would name this child? Child. And if there were twins? Child1 and Child2. If the first child was not a twin but then the next two children were twins, the family tree would read Child, Child1, and Child2. The family’s fourth baby would be named Child. But then the hospital would ask this iPhone: Did you mean to replace this baby with your other kid by the same name?

Many of my friends wonder why I don’t just cave and get an iPhone. Well, this is one of the reasons. With all of the photos that I take, both on my real camera (what’s that?), on my dad’s digital SLR that I plan on borrowing forever, or on my cell phone, I need each photo to at least attempt to have a somewhat unique name.

Apple employees, take notice: In the next version of your phone (are we on the iPhone 28,508 yet?), please lend a hand to us photo editors and don’t force us to re-name every single photo one at a time. Unless you like being known as Apple1.

Note: Am I the only one who has found this to be true? Is this something that can be easily fixed? iPhone experts, your comments are welcome to help me understand this system.


What do you think?

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