Is there a Cubs game today?


As the  snowmen melt and the sun pokes its head out of the clouds, it can only mean one thing: Baseball season is in full gear. For some, like my brother, this is a good thing; for others, like me, it just means more congestion and traffic in my neighborhood.

So, friends, I feel it is my duty to tell you about an amazing website I found.

I think subconsciously I came up with the idea for this website, but didn’t actually realize my dream until it was already a reality. A special website for non-sports fans who just want to know, yes or no, is there a Cubs game today?

Now, don’t think that I’m anti-Cubs. Certainly not. I do appreciate when the Cubs win — and I remember all four of those times very well. But what I care more about is my commute home as well as my parking situation. Living less than a mile from Wrigley Field, it’s important to me to know whether I should avoid certain streets or just stay at home and curl up under a ball.

Oh, the internet! What will they think of next?

(Don’t even get me started on!)


What do you think?

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