You’ve got mail!

mailboxInbox (1)

There is nothing that makes me more anxious than this. Well, maybe there are a few other things. But when I see the Inbox (1), because of a slight internal craziness I have, I absolutely must check my e-mail. What is it? Is it from a friend? Is it a note from a relative? Did someone tag a picture of me on Facebook? Does Groupon have a special deal for an ivory king-size comforter??

If I was truly crazy, I could set my cell phone to beep when I got an e-mail; or, as I have with my Outlook e-mails at work, a notification pops up on my screen.

But in the world of snail mail, you have no real way of knowing if you’ve got mail.

It’s a bit hard to believe that in this day and age, you actually have to put on shoes and maybe a bathrobe, stop what you’re doing, get off the couch, put one foot in front of the other, and move a great distance in order to check and see if there’s mail in your mailbox. And more often than not, there isn’t.

This is usually not a problem, as all I ever get in my mailbox are ads, wedding invitations, thank you notes, and bills for which I keep forgetting to set up online payments.

But at least I check it every day.

I have recently learned that some of my friends rarely, if ever, check their mailboxes. This can be problematic with the wedding invitations, but where it truly becomes catastrophic in my life is with birthday cards.

I find Facebook birthday wall posts fairly impersonal, so when I have a very close friend, I do my darnedest to send him or her a physical card in the mail — with a stamp and everything. It’s fun and makes everyone involved feel happy and excited. But, friends, I need you to check your mailbox every day — or at the very least, every day in the week prior to your birthday. Otherwise, I have to play the “So, do you often check your mailbox in your building?” game.

One day, maybe we’ll develop a system to get a ding on our phone when something other than a Money Mailer ad or a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon appears in our mailbox; but until then, let’s all do our best to get our daily exercise and look in our physical mailboxes — before the postal service completely disappears.


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