A moving bed

car bed
My brother’s car bed

I have this really cool talent that I’ve been thinking about taking on the road: Give me two minutes in a moving vehicle that I’m not driving and I’m fast asleep.

When I was a kid, my mom would drive me around the block in preparation for a naptime of deep sleep. And the skill has stuck with me. If I’m not driving the car, bus, train, or plane, it takes a lot of effort on my part to stay awake.

It made me think of an idea. Waterbeds exist to help people who want to feel like they are floating; so there must be a way to make beds that give a sensation of a moving vehicle.

It’s like how my brother had a “car bed” when he was little. It looked like a car and it was very “in” for his age. What if that car actually felt like it was moving? Naptime would be a breeze!

You could add a motor to the bed, plus maybe some sound effects. Nothing says “sleep time” like car honks, right?

Let’s get moving on this idea. We’ll sleep on it.


One thought on “A moving bed

  1. What if you put a fan at the foot of the bed, blowing at you like you were driving? And maybe some blinking red and white lights from a computer screen?

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