Ticket to Ride board game: Unfortunately not a Beatles game!

Ticket-to-ride-boardgameBox“And then this weekend, over Shabbat, we can play the board game Ticket to Ride!”

I was so excited. It’s great to spend Shabbat with friends, playing board games — but who knew that there was a board game all about the Beatles?!

It was a few months ago, and my friends were making plans to play board games on Shabbat afternoon. I’m not really into the long, complicated board games about international wars or trading wood for wheat, but I figured, wow, a Beatles board game is something I’ll love.

Public service announcement for anyone in my position: The board game “Ticket to Ride” is about trains traveling across the country — and that’s about the extent of my knowledge of the game, because, upon learning this fact, I may or may not have shed tears of frustration. This beautifully named board game has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles.

If you’re going to completely plagiarize the title of one of the best songs of all time, at least give a slight nod to the song in the game, in sort of a “we know this game is about trains but at least we’ll name one of the train stations ‘Liverpool'” kind of way. Or when you open the box, a tiny recorder plays, “I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s todayyyy, yeah.”

What’s next? A board game called “I Am the Walrus” that’s actually about zoo animals? A game called “Rubber Soul” that’s all about shoes? A game called “Because” that’s about subordinate conjunctions?

Beatles-MonopolyAlyssa, Avi, Matt, and Camila, my dearest board-game-playing friends: I won’t be playing Ticket to Ride with you at any time in the future out of shear protest. But if you ever acquire Beatles Monopoly, well, I’d be up for playing that “in my life” “eight days a week.”


2 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride board game: Unfortunately not a Beatles game!

  1. Not surprisingly I am in possession of The Beatles Monopoly game. Arrangements could be made, I’m sure, as I attempt to get through this entire post without one direct Beatles lyric reference. There. Done. The end. (Almost made it!)

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