The art of towel animals

20141117_171333I’d love to tell you about the adventures of Adam and Lia in Mexico — the beauty of avoiding the Chicago snow for a few days, reading books, exercising, swimming, and actually relaxing for possibly the first time in my life — but that will have to wait until next week.

For now, I have a more pressing issue from our Riviera Maya vacation to discuss — something of utmost importance. Of course I’m referring to towel art.

Our resort in Mexico offers a wide range of classes and activities every day, like beach volleyball, water aerobics, Spanish lessons, Latin dance lessons, nightly movies, and casino nights. But “Towel Art,” led by one of the hotel maids, was a class I was most looking forward to.

20141117_162026Before our eyes, we watched Emanuel fold a bath towel and a hand towel this way and that — and magically, with a final touch of cartoon eye stickers, an elephant appeared. Someone requested that he make a pig, and suddenly, the white towels I thought only served one purpose were transformed into a work of art; same thing when Emanuel made a towel giraffe.

If I had known this was an art, maybe I would have done some serious soul-searching before choosing journalism as my college major. Or at least I’d be more interested in visiting art museums. Or, in reality, I’d probably be slightly more willing to do laundry.

20141117_161530Thanks, Emanuel, for teaching us the ever-useful skill of making animals out of towels; and to any out-of-town guests who may be staying with us in the near future, let us know how you’d like your towels shaped.


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