Where are all the Princess Annas?

Left: Princess Anna; Right: Queen Elsa
LEFT: Princess Anna; RIGHT: Queen Elsa

Alright, everyone, this week’s post is about Frozen.

Now that I’ve got the attention of every little girl in the universe (welcome to my blog, Frozen fans! Do you want to build a snowman?), let’s proceed. Oh, what’s that? You haven’t seen the movie yet? Stop reading right now and watch it. Have you been living in an isolated ice castle for the past year?

This year, on Halloween, I noticed dozens of adorable young ladies dressed as Queen Elsa, the beautiful snow princess from Frozen who was never bothered by the cold.

The little girls dressed in blue sparkly costumes, and many even wore a blond braided wig. They looked fashionable, current, and so trendy.

But I think they picked the wrong Frozen heroine.

Princess Anna is clearly the better of the two women in the movie.

Princess Anna…

  • is spunky
  • is hilarious
  • is realistically awkward
  • is beautiful
  • has a heart
  • is optimistic
  • wants to love others
  • saves the day

Her sister, Queen Elsa…

  • is grumpy
  • has a terrible curse that no one would ever want (I’d be a fire-breathing princess any day over being an ice princess)
  • is isolated
  • ruins people’s lives
  • sort of saves the day, but only after Princess Anna truly saves the day
  • sings the movie’s hit song
  • designs and wears a prettier costume

Those last two are key. Come on, little girls of the world. Who needs a blue sparkly costume when you can dress as a strong, punch-a-guy-in-the-face-after-he-was-a-jerk-to-you, bubbly Norwegian?

Next year, girls, when “Let It Go” is still the number one karaoke hit at birthday parties and Purim Carnivals, and when girls continually ask each other if they want to build snowmen, let’s try to see some more Anna costumes.


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