Your new best friend: CTRL – Shift – T

Sometimes I make a discovery that is so wonderful, so powerful, and so amazing, that I just have to share it with everyone I know in the world.

CTRL – Shift – T.

It’s for when you have a million tabs open on your browser — a metaphor for all of the thoughts going on in your brain — and you accidentally close a tab. Oh no! This was a link that I’ll never find again! Was it from one of my Facebook friends? Did I see it on Buzzfeed? Was it someone’s Gchat status? It’s lost forever.

Not anymore. CTRL – Shift – T. That tab is back in business.


It’s the kind of thing I wish existed in real life. I throw away a tea bag into the garbage, only then to realize that I could have made another cup of tea with it. Too late. I hang up the phone, realizing I had one more question to ask. I order a tall drink, but, too late in the game, I know I should have gone with the grande.

Don’t close this tab, readers. But if you do, CTRL – Shift – T.


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