My TV buddies


I don’t care what the ratings say or what the critics say. All I want to do is hang out with my TV buddies and just find out what they’ve been up to lately.

I hear it all the time: “Season 6 of such-and-such show was really the worst.” “I liked the first four seasons, but halfway through Season 5, the show really went downhill.” “The third movie in the trilogy was awful.”

Maybe I’m not cut out to be a movie or TV show critic; maybe I’m overly optimistic; but I just don’t notice or care about these kinds of things. When it comes to my favorite shows (or movies, books, musicals, and bands), I am extremely forgiving.

I feel like I’ve developed a relationship with the characters in these works. I like them. They’re my friends. If they were real, we would hang out on the weekends or get coffee once a month. They’d be my people I’d invite for a last-minute casual Shabbat dinner.

And so, from week to week, I like hanging out with them. What kind of drama have Kurt and Blaine gotten themselves into on “Glee” this week? What are people going to think about the latest crazy thing that Dr. Lahiri said on “The Mindy Project”? What’s new at school with Manny and Luke on “Modern Family”?

When the critics — both the professional ones and the ones who watch from their couches — insult my shows, I admit I get a little offended. Why are you trash talking my friends? Or the people who produce the shows in which my friends are the stars? I understand that quality is important, but maybe the characters are just at a rough patch in their lives. Don’t they need us now more than ever? If we abandon them now, before the shows has come to an end … well, how would you feel if your friends abandoned you?

So, yes, I have stuck with “Glee” every episode of the way — and when the last episode comes around this year, you better believe there will be waterworks. Same goes for my other shows. These characters are my people, my buddies, no matter what the critics say.

I’m off to hang out with my friends Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach, and Cece (“New Girl”) — I feel like they live right down the hall.


What do you think?

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