A reminder from myself

[Text message notification.]

Wow, I got a text message! Who could it be from? Is it my friend texting to make a plan to work out together? Is it Adam, texting to say hello? Is it my mom, just practicing her newfound texting skills?

Nope. It’s Lia from the Past: “Bring Kleenex to work tomorrow.” Earlier in the day, I ran out of tissues, and in this ever-chilly weather, I needed to remember to bring more. So, a few hours earlier, I sent a text message to Lia from the Future and scheduled it for 10 p.m., a time when I knew I’d be home but not yet asleep.

Bril-lia-nce, right?

I love, love, love the “schedule message” feature of my text message app. I can send a text to myself or anyone else and specify the time for it to be sent.

“Lia, can you remind me tomorrow to call my cousin for her birthday?” a coworker might ask. “Sure, what time would you like the reminder?” And there and then, I’ll schedule a text so we can both forget about it and move on with our lives. Tomorrow, at the appropriate time, my coworker will get her reminder, and for me, the memory of this conversation will be miles away.

I know that I could create a reminder on my calendar app, or a general phone reminder, or a task with a deadline, or probably any number of reminder tools. But for me, this works. I never forget to bring lip balm or gym shoes or my checkbook or whatever it is that I need; and I don’t have to deal with thousands of Post-It Notes that inevitably lose their stickiness somewhere in the parking lot on the way to my car.

iPhone users: Do you have this capability on your phones? So far, I have yet to find any iPhone users who are able to schedule a text (yet another reason why my Samsung Galaxy deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T). If not, well, let me know if you need me to remind you of anything.

Here’s how it works, at least on my Galaxy:

  1. Choose someone to text, be it Future You or Future Your Friend, and go to your text message conversation with that person
  2. Click on the setting button (three dots)
  3. Press “schedule message” and choose your date and time (it must be in the future, because, as they say, “the past is in the past!”)
  4. Sit back, relax, and wait for this text message time capsule to come alive

Can someone remind me tomorrow to post this blog entry on Facebook around noon?


2 thoughts on “A reminder from myself

  1. Interesting. My RAZR-M does not have that capability, so I use my calendar app (or a physical calendar!) for reminders.

    I love the scheduler thing on WordPress, however, and frequently use it to post new posts at a certain time… such as Pi Day at 9:26:53, or a blog anniversary post on the same time that my very first post went live.

  2. Haha, nice. I really wish my iPhone had a text message scheduling feature because I’d tell my phone to text you at 8am instead of just sending it at 12:30am… But as for reminding myself, my GCal automatically pops up on my phone to remind me if I put anything there, and I love telling Siri to “remind me tomorrow at 8am to call Lia.”

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