Tap water, how I missed you!

Well, we’re back from Europe, and I’m … exhausted. (Stay tuned for a full recap of our trip in an upcoming blog.)

Why am I so tired? Not because of the jetlag, or the time difference, or the 20,000 steps per day of walking (thanks for keeping track, Fitbit!). Not because of squeezing a different city into each day of our trip.

I’m sure that I’m tired because of dehydration, which I blame on the Europeans.

Waiter in Brussels restaurant: “Anything to drink?”
Me: “Can I just get some tap water?”
Waiter: “No, I’m sorry, we don’t have tap water. Only bottled water. Still or sparkling?”

And that’s how we managed to spend anywhere from £2 to €6 on a bottle of water at a restaurant. Often, frustrated by the price and the hassle, I just chose to enjoy my meal without any water. Hardly enjoyable.

I am not known to be much of a water drinker — it is my favorite drink, but I just don’t find myself all that thirsty all that often. I keep a water bottle by my desk to force myself to drink water at work, but it is truly a chore that I have to force myself to do. But somehow, in Europe, I guess I never knew the value of water until the water came in a glass bottle and cost as much as my plane ticket.

Europe, it was nice hanging out … but for now, I’m happy to be home, in the land of the free, home of the brave, the United States of Aqua.


2 thoughts on “Tap water, how I missed you!

  1. So ironic. Were you at least able to come out on top in steps while you were walking around dehydrated?

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