A weekend of redheads and undeads

I’m not sure what was the strangest occurrence of last weekend. Was it the afternoon I spent at a north suburban festival celebrating redheads? Was it the night I spent trying to escape a room with a zombie? Or maybe it was the fact that I went shopping and found five outfits I loved?? While the third one is incredibly rare and should be celebrated, let me tell you about the first two activities.

Redhead Days Chicago
Highwood, Ill.



No, I’m not a redhead myself, but I’m really excited to marry one! Shortly after I met Adam, I learned about the redhead festival that takes place in The Netherlands every fall and I was so excited for us to see this crazy spectacle someday. But then, a few months ago, I learned of the Chicago affiliate of that very festival, taking place in June 2015 in Highwood, Ill.

Adam and I had a blast at the festival. There wasn’t all that much to do, but it was just so much fun to be a part of so many redheads in one place. The festival had some food, drinks, and music, an opportunity to take a picture with Ronald McDonald, a carrot cake contest, and a group photo. The emcees of the afternoon repeatedly said, “Redheads, you are not alone!” As a redhead ally — can I even call myself an honorary redhead? — I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful hair and freckles and smelling all of that precious protective sunscreen. I look forward to coming back next year with Adam — and hopefully also with my other redhead buddies Alyssa, Josh, Hal, and friends!


Room Escape Adventures Chicago
408 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago


Trapped. In a room. With 11 other people. And a zombie. For one hour. Will you live or will you die??!?! Dun dun dun. It sounds straight out of a horror movie — but my friends and I got together Saturday night to test our fate and our knowledge against the vicious zombie.

I won’t give away any of the secrets — but I will say that our group narrowly escaped the room with three minutes to spare, attempting to work through riddles and puzzles as a team.

There’s not much else I can say here — but everyone should take their friends, their family, or their co-workers and try to escape the room … if you dare!


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