A great blog post … but I forgot it so you’ll never read it

This blog post was going to be so good.

You would have loved it, really. It was going to be so up your alley and so universal. It might have even been my defining piece as a blogger and as a writer.

I would have used it as a writing sample next time I needed to produce one.

But, alas, this blog post will never live to see the light of day.

You see, the idea came to me a few weeks ago, while watching Fourth of July fireworks with Adam and our friends Alyssa and Avi. I made some comment and the conversation went like this.

Lia: “[hilariously observant thought on the world, something that would have made Jerry Seinfeld proud]

Avi: “That would make a great blog post.”

Adam: “Yeah, you should totally write about that.”

Lia: “Definitely. I’ll make a mental note of it and maybe write it for next week.”

Alyssa: “Can’t wait to read it!”

Lia’s brain: “We don’t do ‘mental notes.’ You either write down the idea or it’s down the drain.”

I have been known, from time to time, to slip into what my brother has lovingly named “Blog Mode.” There I’ll be, in the middle of a regular conversation, and I’ll say something like this:

“By the way, what’s the deal with the phrase ‘Have a good one!’? Does it even mean anything? Have a good what? It’s a useless waste of words.”

My brother, or whoever else knows me well enough, will say, “Blog post!” I’ll think to myself, yes, that’s a great idea, I’ll be sure to remember that.

And there I am, the following Tuesday night, calling Michael to see if he remembers what that brilliant rant was all about.

It’s not that I have a shortage of places to write down ideas. I keep a running list of blog ideas in a Google Doc, accessible easily on my phone and computer; I carry a reporter’s notebook in my purse; and when in doubt, there’s usually a pen and a napkin around somewhere. The problem is just that I rely too much on my ever-failing memory — or, perhaps, that my memory used to be much better but then years of relying on notebooks and cell phones have diminished my memory for these kinds of ideas into mush.

So, dear friends, next time you hear me speak in “Blog Mode” or mention an idea that might be a good blog idea, please, make me stop what I’m doing and write it down. Otherwise the post will go where potential blog post ideas go to die, which would be sad for everyone.

Oh! I just had a great idea! I should blog about how often I forget my blog ideas! Good thing I just wrote the post so I don’t have to rely on my non-trustworthy memory.


One thought on “A great blog post … but I forgot it so you’ll never read it

  1. I love the meta-analysis, somewhat like what I did on Monday.

    Writing down a BLOG POST IDEA is helpful, but you may run into Conservation of Difficulty (e.g. Geez! Where did I put the blasted slip of paper?)

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