Someone put a lot of energy into that graffiti

Walking through downtown Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, I recently saw this on a temporary construction wall:

2015-07-21 19.25.49

I’m not normally a fan of graffiti or defacing public property, but if you’re going to do it, I guess this is the way to go.


When I walked by this wall a few days later, the markings were covered up in black paint. I understand not wanting to encourage criminals, but this perhaps this particular work of art/science deserved to stay up, educating the city’s residents and tourists as they pass through an ugly construction tunnel.

Regular criminals: Stop damaging our neighborhood.

Math/science geek criminals: Keep doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference.


2 thoughts on “Someone put a lot of energy into that graffiti

  1. Hahaha best title ever! Also I think some “regular” graffiti is truly beautiful. I even like the corporate graffiti at the Waveland underpass by Lake Michigan.

    I wish this Einstein wannabe had made this prettier. I love what must have been going through their mind when they wrote it. “What would I want to say to the world as I deface property…?”

  2. My parents have a colourful (yes, I spelt it that way on purpose :p) piece of art that reads “E=mc^2” that you may be able to make out.

    Great title for the post as well, as Benj mentioned.

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