Loved your outfit from yesterday

And now, presenting a memory that always makes me giggle.

At a previous job, there was a woman who worked in the front desk who always commented on my outfits.

Each day, when I passed her desk, she’d take a long glance at what I was wearing and share her comments.

One day, let’s call it Monday, she said, “Wow, Lia, those earrings are so pretty on you.”

On Tuesday: “Lia, your bright blue sweater is gorgeous!”

Then Wednesday’s observation: “I absolutely love your scarf, Lia, I love the way the purple and the teal work together.”

And then, on Thursday, she looked at me from head to toe, and said, “Oh, Lia, I really loved the outfit you were wearing yesterday!”

I guess not all of the outfits can be winners!


2 thoughts on “Loved your outfit from yesterday

  1. That’s pretty funny. I’m impressed that she would remember “yesterday’s” outfit, given that some people can’t remember what they had for breakfast that same day!

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