Blog ideas that don’t deserve a full post

Night caps -- warm and comfortable!
Night caps — warm and comfortable!

I keep a running list of blog ideas, and whenever an idea strikes me, I add it to my list. Many of these ideas turn into real live blog posts; and some of them have been on the list for so long that they’ve never seen the light of day.

So, today, I present to you: The top four blog ideas that don’t deserve more than a sentence or two.

  1. My friends Tanya and Aaron live in the West Loop near the Blommer Chocolate Company. That means their neighborhood always has a strong bittersweet smell of chocolate. That must be weird, right?
  2. Adding the word “extravaganza” after anything is an easy way to make something boring sound awesome. Tonight I’m having a flossing extravaganza! Will you join me for my Walgreen prescription refill extravaganza? Looking forward to our apartment cleaning extravaganza!
  3. Two cell phones ago, I used to have a Palm Pre, which was a pretty rare (but amazing) brand of phone. When I saw strangers in public using their Palm Pre phones, I felt like we were long-lost cousins and I felt the need to bond with them about our shared special object.
  4. For a Halloween costume a few years ago, Adam and I bought matching fuzzy onesie penguin pajamas, and they came with a night cap (pictured here). On a cold, winter night, oh boy does that night cap keep me warm.

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