My stealthily hidden graduation gown fanny pack

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should rename my blog from “bri-lia-nce” to “The Blog About Fanny Packs.” Along those lines, friends, I’d like to share with you something that I kept a secret from the world during the recent Spertus graduation ceremony.

Remember how much fun I had, graduating in my cap, gown, and hood?


Spertus staff told graduates to arrive two hours before the ceremony’s start time — mainly, I discovered, for us to put our advanced degrees to good use by figuring out which direction the hood goes. They told us in advance that we weren’t to bring anything with us — no rooms would be secure and we couldn’t carry anything on stage with us.

That meant no purse, no cell phone, no mini 24-hour pharmacy that I sometimes carry with me.

How would I even get to the place without car keys, or bus card, or at least a phone with which to Uber?

But then, wait a minute. Who are we dealing with? It is I, Lia, queen of the fanny packs, about to spend all day in an extremely roomy graduation gown that could have fit my entire cohort inside of it.

See anything odd in the picture above? Of course you don’t. Because the mini fanny pack that I wore underneath my graduation gown while I graduated was perfect.

My fanny pack beautifully carried my phone, lip balm, lipstick, a credit card, cash, and my bus card. It made me feel beautiful.

I don’t mean to brag, but I was totally the coolest person in that entire room, with my stealthily hidden pack.

If any of my readers are still anti-fanny pack at this point in my blog, you may as well terminate our friendship. Because not only did I proudly parade my pack at graduation, but I wore it on three separate occasions this past weekend. So, friends, as summer winds to a close, let’s not forget the moments when we are the happiest — it’s when we have no weight (or purses) on our shoulders. Good night, everyone!


One thought on “My stealthily hidden graduation gown fanny pack

  1. I feel that fanny packs are making a resurgence in popularity. I remember always wearing them on vacation when I was younger.

    And it’s good that they can be stealthily hidden!

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