Go Cubbies! But really, please win it in six.

cubs-win-2-e1369798506721-560x378Author’s Note: I drafted this blog last Friday, before the playoff series began. It was a hopeful time, five days ago, a time of optimistic dreams. Now, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, when the Mets lead the series 3-0, our days have less optimism and hopefulness. I have decided to publish this blog in its original form anyway, to represent my thoughts and dreams from before this current reality.

Our wedding is this weekend. OUR WEDDING IS THIS WEEKEND! The i’s are dotted, the t’s are crossed, and we’ve tried to think of everything.

We’ve planned for sunshine and rain, we’ve planned extra time in case people are late, we’ve planned a ceremony rehearsal in advance. We thought about what the bridal party will eat while getting their hair done and we’ve thought about an equally tasty but gluten-free alternative to our breaded chicken main course. I’ve even had nightmares, spending my sleeping hours dreaming about what else could go wrong.

The one thing I never, ever, not in a million years would have ever thought to worry about: Will the Cubs be on the brink of the World Series on the night of our wedding?

According to the current National League Championship Series schedule, if the Cubs and the Mets require a seventh game of the pre-World Series playoffs game, it will land on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015 — the magical day I’ve been dreaming about since … always.

I’m as much of a “Back to the Future” fan as anyone, but really, even for the most optimistic Cubs fans, did anyone think this would happen? More likely than a potential Cubs World Series would be Doc Brown becoming a real person and finding enough gigawatts of plutonium to take all Chicago residents back to that school dance in 1955.

My nightmares have now become … is “daymares” a word? I have visions of a playoff series tied, Cubs won three, Mets won three, and it all comes down to Game Seven. Instead of guests arriving in cocktail attire, guests are wearing Cubs jerseys (and the eight or nine New Yorkers coming to the wedding are decked out in their Mets gear). Oh wait, half the guests are still at home, in a trance watching the game and not realizing what time it is. During the ceremony, there are shouts of “HOME RUN!” and “Where are our outfielders?!” and in the reception, crowds huddle around the largest cell phones and iPads broadcasting the game. And then … people are either in really great moods or really terrible moods for the rest of the night. Oh, did someone get married here tonight? Forgot about that!

The day’s timeline is finalized, the kippot are in place, the groomsmen’s ties have been purchased. The only thing left on the list — cheer so hard for the Cubbies to win it in four, five, or six games!


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