Post-wedding nightmares

What's my Dream Director trying to tell me?
What’s my Dream Director trying to tell me?

A few months ago, when I wrote about my pre-wedding nightmares, many of you offered your concern and your best wishes for a good wedding and peaceful nights of sleep.

“Try not to be stressed,” you said. “Something will go wrong, but the wedding will still be perfect.”

But what would you say to me if I said that over the past two weeks, I’ve had at least three more wedding nightmares?

Subconscious, I totally understand the purpose of the pre-wedding nightmares. When my dream (incorrectly) predicted that I’d pull my wedding dress out of the box and it was salmon-colored, it taught me to make sure to double check all of the wedding details (especially my dress color) before the big day. My subconscious thought of details that could go wrong before the rest of me did — how efficient, I’m even wedding planning in my sleep!

But now, several weeks after I became Mrs. Goldfarb, the dreams are still here. They mostly revolve around the hair and makeup artists not showing up and me having to walk down the aisle as regular-old-medium-level-of-makeup Lia (what a tragedy!).

Is there a way to contact my Dream Director (I’ve seen “Inside Out,” so I’m kind of an expert on how these things work) and remind her that not only did our wedding happen, but it was everything we hoped for and more, a perfect day full of the best people, and, can I just say, beautiful burgundy flowers? There’s no need for these dreams anymore! It happened! It’s done! Adam and I are moving on to “married people problems” like figuring out our health insurance and car insurance. Quit it with these dreams!

Maybe it’s like the people who still have the dream that they are late to their math test and show up in their bathrobe. Why do those dreams still happen when these dreamers are well past their math-test-taking days?

Here’s hoping for dreams about rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine?


2 thoughts on “Post-wedding nightmares

  1. Lia,
    I regularly still have dreams about a math-or-science test that I not only haven’t studied for but haven’t attended class for all year. (Why am I such a student slacker?!) And my mom has dreams that she owns an apartment somewhere but has misplaced the keys. ?!?!!? We need a modern-day Joseph to interpret these for us, or, some really good meds to have deep restorative sleep with no dreams if our Dream Directors can’t stick to subconsciously working through real problems that we really have instead of inventing this crap. 😉 Feel free to contact if you ever want help with those married-people problems. Having been married all of 7 years…I’m totally an expert. 😉

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