Sing-a-long people are my favorite people

IMG_5960I’ve finally found my true community — my people. While I’ve been warmly welcomed into many groups of people in my lifetime, I’ve never felt so much at home as I did with the group from this past Sunday — the Sing-a-Long Sound of Music people.

Eight years ago, I wrote about my experience attending Sing-a-Long Grease at the Music Box Theatre, and that, too, did not disappoint. This time, my friend Melanie and I went to this great theater where “our type” of people gather — people who want to live musicals out loud.

I’m convinced there are two types of people in this world — 1) those who can’t help but sing every word to a musical and 2) everyone else. I don’t completely understand the people in the second category (though most musicals teach lessons like “let’s all love each other,” so I tolerate those strange people), but it’s in the former category where I live.

These people who attended Sing-a-Long Sound of Music (as well as my fellow Grease singers from 2007) know the words to every song. We cheer for the good guys (we love you, Maria!) and hiss at the bad guys (we hate you, Baroness!). We cry when the characters experience pain (will we ever get our governess back?) and rejoice when the characters come out ahead (yay! They safely escaped to the mountains! Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!). We shout at the screen and we dance in the aisles.

We’re a little disappointed when the movie ends and the lights go on.  But we leave the theater still humming the tunes and tapping our toes.

Well, my musical singing friends — until next time when the streets are alive with the sound of sing-a-long musicals!

You, too, can experience the fun! Sing-a-Long Sound of Music plays at the Music Box Theatre this weekend. 


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