One big massive wedding thank you blog post

Adam and I received our official wedding photos and I thought it would be nice to take this blog post as an opportunity to showcase some of our great pictures while also thanking so, so, so many people.

We’ll start with a huge thank you to our photographer, Liz Lui, for the amazing job she did capturing our special day. Since she didn’t take any photos of herself, here’s a cool shot she got of us during our “first look.”


Next, thank you to our videographer, Jason Monroe of Highway 61 Films, for capturing the sights and sounds of the day. You can see our two-minute preview film here.


Thank you to our makeup artist, Jenessa Blaine, who accentuated all of the girls’ natural beauty.


My favorite hair salon, Curls and Company, did a great job making everyone’s hair look festive and special.


Our florist, Ryan Turner of Stemline Creative, fulfilled my dream of a day of beautiful dark red flowers.


Where would we be without our venue? The Westin O’Hare was so wonderful to work with and served as a beautiful backdrop for our wedding.


Thank you to our day-of coordinator, Laura Patterson of The Ideal Day, for making sure our day ran smoothly and that everything was in the right place (such as our end-of-party leis and sunglasses, pictured below).


We have so much respect and admiration for Rabbi Tucker, a friend and role model who made our wedding ceremony so special.


The Don Cagen Orchestra made our party exciting and got everyone on the dance floor. They learned our favorite Hebrew song for our first dance and did a killer “Stairway to Heaven.”


According to our copy of the photos, it seems that the Traveling Photo Booth was a blast for our attendees.



And, of course, thank you to Rabbi Segal of Goldman-Segal Kosher Catering for keeping our guests well-fed.


Thank you to all of our friends and family for participating in our wedding, beginning with my high school friends who served as ushers and greeters.


We were honored to have our friends reciting Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) under the chuppah.


How cool was the “schtick” (special skits and performances) during the horah? Thank you to everyone who participated.


And then, a flash mob! AMAZING!!! Such a cool rendition of “Thriller,” and I understand there were several rehearsals held around the city for this performance.


Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were with us every step of the way throughout the wedding planning process, and we loved having them stand by our sides on our wedding day.


We couldn’t have done it without the help of our parents and siblings. Thank you for raising us to be the people we are today and supporting us throughout our whirlwind wedding year.


Thank you to all of our guests for dancing with us, celebrating with us, and being in our lives.


And finally, a personal thank you to my husband, Adam, for being so loving, kind, funny, and caring. Our wedding day was a blast, and I look forward to all of the fun and adventures we’ll experience together throughout the rest of our lives.



2 thoughts on “One big massive wedding thank you blog post

  1. Aww that last picture and thank-you is the CUTEST. Thank you being such an awesome friend and a gracious bride. I know I can say it was all our pleasure to support you and Adam in it.

    Also, I love how you phrased the make-up: it “accentuated all of the girls’ natural beauty.” Nice. 😉

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