Hawaii honeymoon: Part I

The newlyweds have arrived in Hawaii and are having even more fun than when the Brady Bunch came here in the 1970s!

We’ve spent the past few days on Maui and will soon be heading to Kauai. We’ll share some of our trip highlights with you.

Day 1

Slappy Cakes: What a fun restaurant idea — literally making your own pancakes! You get your choice of batter flavor (like buttermilk, gluten-free), dozens of add-ins (bananas, chocolate chips), and several toppings (chocolate-macadamia sauce, cinnamon sauce) and then make your pancakes right there on your table’s built-in griddle. No honeymoon would be complete without an opportunity to make pancakes exactly as you want them!


Day 2

Shave ice: It pains me to type “shave ice,” as obviously the grammatically correct wording is “shaved ice,” but journalists also have to honor proper nouns. Maybe when describing this amazingly refreshing dessert, I should write it as “Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave [sic] Ice”? In any case, it’s delicious, especially when you add a scoop of ice cream at the bottom.

Whale watching: We watched for whales, but my theory is that the whales were secretly watching us, too.


Did I mention there’s a rainbow every day in Hawaii?


Day 3

Snorkeling: We found Nemo, the Little Mermaid, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under the sea!


Luau: It ain’t a Hawaiian vacation without their version of dinner theater!



Day 4

The Road to Hana: Also known as “The Long and Winding Road that Happens to Have Banana Bread.” We stopped and took photos and went on little hikes along this crazy road. I only slipped in the mud and landed on my behind twice; and Adam enjoyed wading through a 125-year-old Chinese irrigation tunnel.





Day 5

Hula Pie: It’s more like a well-organized ice cream sundae, but hey, it’s part of the local cuisine so we had to do it.

2015-12-29 15.35.16.jpg

‘Ulalena: We concluded our day with a song and dance production about Hawaii’s history and culture.

2015-12-29 16.51.16.jpg

We’re excited for Part II! Aloha for now!



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