Passover greeting cards

While killing time and increasing my step count at Whole Foods over the weekend, I came across this display of greeting cards:

2016-02-21 08.41.29

It’s a display of Easter and Passover greeting cards. I don’t know much about Easter, but I’ll speak to the Passover cards.

When did it become a “thing” to send Passover cards? Rosh HaShanah cards in honor of our Jewish new year, sure, that makes sense. Chanukah cards, yes, because you need something to hold your gift card. But what are we wishing each other on Passover?

  • Hope your matzah isn’t too crunchy.
  • Hope you can think of at least two different ways to serve quinoa.
  • Wishing you a holiday of freedom, even though you’re hosting two seders

I guess, some people would argue that when the store says Christmas, it’s nice to see Chanukah, and when the store says Easter, it’s nice to see Passover.

As the joke goes, if there’s this much publicity for Chanukah, I can’t wait to see what the stores do for Shavuot!

For those who celebrate, here’s wishing a happy Passover, coming at ya in 57 days.


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