Peacock on the balcony

My friends and I had an amazing time this past week at a resort in Mexico, though we did have one slightly unexpected problem — we kept getting awoken at night by a peacock!

Believe it or not, we were on the third floor, but somehow the peacock managed to make its way (fly? climb? crawl?) to our balcony. At first, he was beautiful and crazy and so much fun to take pictures with; but then, around 3 or 4 a.m., he became an unappreciated alarm clock.

I didn’t record a video of its sound, but I’ll describe it as a cross between a squawking chicken and an angry old lady.

So, for your viewing pleasure, the closest I’ve ever gotten to a peacock:

2016-04-11 20.07.37

2016-04-11 20.05.16

From a different day, earlier in the trip, we saw a peacock on top of a golf club garage:

2016-04-07 18.06.50

And, finally, a peacock in all its glory who loved to be photographed:

2016-04-08 18.24.42-1


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