My two cents on saving two cents

foreverAt work yesterday, I made the most exciting discovery: Apparently while I was away eating gelato and al dente noodles in Italy, the price of a postage stamp in the United States dropped from 49 cents to 47 cents. (Or, for those of us who use a postage machine to send work-related letters our non-profit organization, 46 cents!)

I want to take this opportunity for a moment of gratitude.

In today’s world, we are so quick to complain, whine, complain, and whine about the cost of things, the economy, inflation, and our student debt. But when there are moments of cost savings, we should be celebrating!

According to, this is the first time in 97 years that the price of the stamp has decreased. The last time the price decreased, the stamp went from 3 cents to 2 cents. So this is big.

Why aren’t there parades in the street? Moments of jubilation in the workplace? Facebook statuses and memes about how excited people are? This is big! We are saving big … pennies!

My favorite writing coach and editor, my dad, has a rule that he will charge you $50 per exclamation point you use in an article or essay — meaning they should be used sparingly if at all. But I can hardly contain my excitement here, and hey, what the heck, with my two-cent savings per envelope, I can afford all of the exclamation points I want!

Of course, if you buy Forever Stamps, this isn’t a big deal. Maybe this is why nobody is talking about this — anyone who ever planned on sending a snail mail letter at any point in their future bought a million Forever Stamps years ago. Could be. But still. Gotta give thanks where thanks is due.

I challenge everyone to send someone a card or a letter … IN THE MAIL. It will probably never be this affordable again.


What do you think?

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