Chicago hot dogs in Minnesota

While on a short trip to Minneapolis last weekend, Adam and I decided to check out a local art festival. There was a nice selection of foods, including the “very Minnesota” delicacies of walleye fish (for Adam) and Dutch mini-pancakes (for me).

I’m always a bit homesick for familiarity when I travel, so it was comforting to see my city’s name at the festival.

2016-06-12 13.43.08

Take a close look at this photo. Do you notice what’s wrong with it?

I’ll leave some space here for you to notice.

Keep looking.

Have you seen it yet?


(this space was intentionally left blank)



It’s the ketchup, of course! When I asked a local, friendly Minnesotan about it, she said that the Chicago hot dog vendors don’t provide ketchup normally, but the People of Minnesota Had Spoken and wanted their condiment of choice, sin as it may be.

Oh well. At least the people in Minnesota are truly “Minnesota nice!”:

2016-06-12 15.27.36


One thought on “Chicago hot dogs in Minnesota

  1. And the catsup definitely stood out to me in that picture, even though I’m not a fan of Chicago-style hot dogs (I’m sort of a plain-ist… pickles and onions are sufficient).

    If only I had known you were in the Twin Cities–I was up there for Shabbat and Shavuot!

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