Oh, I’ll definitely remember to blog about this

This is what my life looks like.

Lia: [says something witty]
Brother/parent/husband/friend/dentist/bank teller: You should totally blog about this!
Lia: Yes, I will! You’ll read about it next week!
Lia: [forgets]

Grocery store / person on radio / electronic item / weather: [does something interesting or annoying]
Lia: I’m going to write about this and it’s going to be great!
Lia: [forgets, and it isn’t]

Lia: I have so many blog ideas, I should write more than once per week! I have so much to say! There is so much in this world that is begging to be scrutinized by a blogger!
Blog: [waits patiently]

I can remember what I was wearing the last time I went to a certain restaurant. I can remember a story you told me six years ago. I’ll remember names, faces, facts, and especially the phone numbers of my closest friends in 1996. But when it comes to remembering a blog topic I had previously thought of, I’m hopeless.

I should have written about this topic weeks ago, when I first thought of it. But, I forgot. Luckily, I was near my “blog post idea list” when I saw this graphic on Facebook:

So, I’m going to appeal to you, both my in-person friends and my keep-in-touch-through-the-internet’s-nice-long-wires friends. Have I said something funny? Have I been talking in what my brother, Michael, refers to as “Blog Mode” (where I sound slightly reminiscent of a whiny Jerry Seinfeld)? Are we together in an unusual situation that deserves to be recognized?

Tell me I should blog about it … and then actually watch me e-mail it to myself, text it to myself, enter it in my Google Docs list, voice record myself, write it on a napkin, write it on my arm, or hire a messenger pigeon with the message.

If I say, “Oh, this is so funny, I’m sure I’ll remember it,” DO NOT BELIEVE ME. I’m deluding myself. But together, we can make a difference!


3 thoughts on “Oh, I’ll definitely remember to blog about this

  1. What’s the deal with corn nuts? And have you *been* to the gym lately? They think they can tell me how old *my* body is? Too bad I was wearing the very pants I was returning!

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