Standing up taller

lumo_I have been standing up much straighter lately.

It’s all thanks to my new obsession, my Lumo Lift, which has finally helped me achieve the better posture I know I need.

The Lumo Lift is like a Fitbit for posture. The small device slightly bigger than a quarter gets attached to a shirt or bra clasp, and you press the button when standing up straight. When you’ve been slouching for two minutes (or any amount of time you choose between 10 seconds and 10 minutes), it buzzes at you.

It’s like a little version of my mom in my head all the time. “Sit up straight, Lia!” “You’re slouching!” “You’d look so much more confident if you had better posture.”

When it vibrates at me, I often didn’t even realize I was slouching, but a quick glance in the mirror shows me that I was. The goal, eventually, would be to live normally without the device, but until then, I am training my body and my brain on how to stand properly.

It comes at a good time, too. The Chicago Tribune published an article yesterday about the effects of “text neck,” where phone users develop back and shoulder pains from staring at our phones. I am sure I am guilty of this, too.

This post isn’t intended to be an advertisement and Lumo Lift is not paying me to write this, though I should really look into how I could make that happen! But I’m excited about it and I thought you might be, too.

So now I have my Fitbit monitoring my steps, my Varidesk monitoring when I sit and stand at work, and my Lumo Lift telling me to stand and sit up straight. Any other recommendations for devices that will tell me what to do?


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