A Jewish wedding … in my car

2016-08-23 17.54.40A crazy thing has happened to me a few times lately. Now that I have a car that was purchased in this century, I have access to this new technology called “BLUETOOTH” — have you ever heard of it??

I am a big fan of audiobooks and a few podcasts, so my car and my phone have a very deep connection. But for some reason, when my car radio plays sounds from my phone, I have to turn the volume way up in order to hear it.

Lately, I’ve been getting in the car, and all of a sudden, I’m transported to the horah at a Jewish wedding. “Od Yishama” comes on the car radio through Spotify, very loudly, and there I am, blasting festive Jewish music on the car’s highest volume.

I almost never use Spotify, but maybe the last time I did I was searching for Jewish wedding songs around the time of my wedding planning — almost a year ago. Since then, I have not listened to that music or even used that app.

But, nonetheless, even when I meant to be listening to the latest Alice Hoffman novel, Od Yishama comes on in my car.

I have no idea why this is happening and what unusual setting I must have turned on (is there a “play Jewish wedding music at random times” setting), but weirdly, I’m actually sort of okay with it. Maybe I was in a hurry, or maybe I was stressed out, but then that music takes me back to a happier time. A loud, crazy, festive, happy Jewish celebration.

And who wouldn’t want that in rush-hour traffic?


One thought on “A Jewish wedding … in my car

  1. I’ve never tried audiobooks, so I virtually always have music playing in my car. But it’s either conventional radio or the MP3 collection that I own.

    Music is quite transportative, however!

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