A day at the state fair

It was the day I’ve been anticipating ever since I started dating a native Minnesotan — the Minnesota State Fair! I had a blast at the fair with Adam and his family this past weekend. Here are some highlights.

There were a LOT of people there — we later found out it was the busiest Minnesota State Fair attendance day in history.



Everything was deep fried and on a stick, obviously.


And then there were the animals. So many animals.



We even got up close and personal with pigs.


And then for some reason for which I have no explanation, this happened:


Oh yeah, and babies too:


Of course, there were butter carvings:


And my favorite part — the giant singalong:


Art made of corn and seeds:


And a giant slide:


I didn’t take photos of all of the food I ate for fear of judgment, but let me tell you some of the highlights: Fried cookie dough on a stick, smooth “nitro” ice cream (made from liquid nitrogen), deep fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, and “more.”

A great time was had by all.




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