My dream grocery store station, in reality

If I were to design my own neighborhood grocery store, this is exactly the first station I would set up:


Ah, Mariano’s! The new Mariano’s in Lakeview, a few blocks from my apartment, has a hot food bar, a cold salad bar, sushi and fish stations, a smoothie station, a pasta station — you know, all the typical things grocery stores now have in 2016 — and, most importantly, a Nutella station. Where did I ever get my Nutella fix before?

Sometimes I write blog posts in the style of “what other stations should exist in this grocery store?”, where I’d list ridiculous items that would be fun and crazy but are so far-fetched they’d never happen … but I actually cannot even brainstorm any ideas I’d like more than this Nutella station (that includes banana-Nutella crepes, cookies, brioche buns, and more).

So instead, I’ll just step back and say, WOW, I can’t believe a new grocery store in my neighborhood has this. And good thing the building next door to Mariano’s is a gym!


What do you think?

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