Pasta Prefirita

A family friend told me this week that he reads my blog occasionally, but especially when I write about food. So, in the interest of my readership, here’s another food post!

As a somewhat picky eater, I sometimes struggle at restaurants finding a “Lia-friendly” item on a menu. I am usually able to find something to eat at most restaurants when necessary, but sometimes there’s a bit of the “substitution” game — no chicken, broccoli instead of mushrooms, tortellini noodles instead of bowtie noodles, vodka sauce instead of spicy arrabiata sauce, etc. Plenty of people make these kinds of changes, but I always feel bad. In the rare occasions when I order an item off the menu as is with no extra comments, I always feel a little extra excited, like I should get some kind of a ribbon.

It’s why I was so excited to see this friendly piece of the menu at a restaurant I visited this week, Piazza Bella in Roscoe Village:


It says: Piazza Pasta Prefirita: Don’t see your favorite pasta? As long as we have the fresh ingredients, we’ll gladly make it for you! Just ask your server….Market Price.

A sentence like that is music to my ears. People like me are welcome here! I can be picky, within reason!

As a Jewish professional, we’re always talking about how to make everyone feel welcome in our organizations, especially interfaith families, LGBT families, and families with special needs. We’re constantly working on language in our printed materials that makes it clear that these groups are welcome and we are willing to go above and beyond to make them and everyone feel comfortable. This little blurb on the menu is the Lia Food version of that, and it did not go unnoticed.

I truly enjoyed my potato gnocchi. The menu paired the gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce with cracked black pepper (for another blog post: is that the same thing as just “pepper”?), but I knew I’d be much happier with vodka sauce. And I was.

Thanks to Piazza Bella for making me feel extra comfortable!


2 thoughts on “Pasta Prefirita

  1. How funny is it that you prefer vodka sauce? Also…your pepper comment is on point. Seems like so many menus use hilarious ways to make their food sound nicer.

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