Car twins

mazda-cx5-4I spend a lot of time in the car, commuting 18 miles each way to and from work. The drive can often be a bit monotonous, as I mostly take the same route day in and day out. Naturally, during these rides, I can get excited by little things.

Of all of the exciting things that might happen on my commute, one of my favorites is when I drive by my “car twin.”

Hey, look! I’m in a red Mazda CX5! You’re in a red Mazda CX5! We’re CAR TWINS! It’s like we planned it or something!  We should totally take a picture together.

But, sadly, we’re driving by each other at quick speeds with only possibly one second for even a shared glance. But boy do I reach for those shared glances. A knowing smile, a kind wave, a point to her car followed by a quick point to mine.

So next time you pass me on the road randomly waving at a stranger, you’ll know why.


One thought on “Car twins

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to vary the route. I wrote a blog post about varying routes on Monday, since I like to change things up.

    I wonder if it’s easier or harder to change routes on two or four wheels?

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