Target Express

Have you noticed that around the city of Chicago — and I assume cities all over the country — these Target Express stores are popping up?

There’s one in my neighborhood and another one coming soon. Great! Wow! Exciting! A Target within walking distance!

But … hold your excitement.

For me, the joy of going to Target is knowing that they will have literally ANYTHING I need. New purse? Check. Lipstick? Of course. Maternity clothes? Definitely!

But these Target Express stores are not Target. They are mini-marts with Target-like supplies. They are imposters.

Why in the world would you go to a Target and know that they probably won’t have whatever it is you’re looking for? If all you needed was whatever-brand-of-toilet-paper-they-happen-to-carry, you might as well go to Walgreens or a gas station. If you weren’t sure that you could go one-stop shopping for thank you notes, an office clock, a party dress, leggings, laundry detergent, ice cream, apples, and yogurt, what’s the point?



2 thoughts on “Target Express

  1. I might go to a Target Express instead of a CVS/Walgreen’s if it’s more conveniently positioned.

    The only time I went to a Target Express was right after an Israel peace rally downtown in July 2014.

  2. Ha, great point. I guess it’s the strength of the Target brand that they can do better than some of those other stores.

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