My pre-baby ‘adventure’ instinct

First of all, to answer your most burning question, I’ll send you here:

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’ve been learning that there are many physical signs that labor is coming, including lower back pain, nausea, and cramping — as of this writing, I don’t believe I’ve experienced those yet. There are also some emotional warning signs, like the “nesting” instinct. Either I have been in labor for the past two years or this new, more intense feeling of nesting hasn’t yet hit me.

But there is another feeling that certainly has kicked in, though I haven’t seen it on any of my “early signs of labor” lists — my adventure instinct.

With my baby’s due date approaching this Sunday, I would have thought I’d be spending this last pre-baby stretch of time being exhausted, needing naps all the time, resting after walking a block. And sometimes I do feel that way. But the most overwhelming urge I’ve been feeling is — “I need to do fun things now, while I still can!”

So, over the last week, I’ve enjoyed brunches with friends (Batter & Berries, Southport Grocery and Cafe), fancy desserts around the city (Lickity Split, caramel pie at Beatrix), long walks in the beautiful weather, a Cirque du Soleil-style show with horses (Cavalia’s Odysseo), and, as all pregnant women do at 39 weeks, an architectural boat tour of Chicago. And, if Baby wants to stay in a few more days, I’ve got more dinners and friend gatherings scheduled.


When, God-willing, our baby comes, of course our lives will change forever. It will be a whole new kind of adventure — as some would say, the adventure of a lifetime. But I am grateful for these last few days, for the opportunity to enjoy just a bit more time peacefully enjoying the weather, quietly going to restaurants, wearing a person on the inside rather than on the outside, and just lingering.

Because any day now, when the nesting instinct kicks in, I’ll be baking 100 lasagnas, frantically cleaning the house, getting ready for a new roommate, and, most crazily of all, getting ready to be someone’s mom.

It should be quite the adventure!